Mission Statement

It’s all about results.

Our training and consultancy services aim to reduce risk, demonstrate competency and provide quality solutions for all of our industry clients, both large and small.

DTE will ensure all; safety, training and developmental activities that we undertake have a positive impact on the future performance of our clients’ businesses.

Our training facility is state of the art and situated within the Gladstone community hub. Here we provide inspiring training that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential, so that our clients achieve their corporate goal.

Working in partnership with our clients ensures that the courses we offer are specifically designed and thoughtfully adapted to suit their learning and workplace outcomes. We will take care to understand the most appropriate methods to deliver the material. Our delivery style is both professional and approachable, facilitating learning and progress.

Referral business is the best type of business therefore we will treat our clients with utmost care and respect. We do not expect our clients to demand anything less.

Our staff are friendly and committed to a code of conduct that reflect our core values. We pride ourselves in timely delivery, good performance and attention to detail as we strive passionately, to achieve the outcomes our clients request.